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Flashback Friday: Dave Stieb Gets Kissed by a Fan

Fans rush on the field all the time. Their motivations aren’t always clear, but one thing that’s certain is once they step over that barrier and enter the field of play, all bets are off.

While most times it’s an alcohol-induced decision, there’s one fan who had an unusually romantic motive for her rush onto the field. For this week’s Flashback Friday, we take a look back at Dave Stieb’s famous run-in with a particularly affectionate admirer.

Thanks to the must-follow Tumblr Random Jays Stuff, we have visual evidence of the Blue Jays kissing bandit that rushed the mound on October 8th, 1985. It was the top of the second inning of game one of the ALCS against the Kansas City Royals.

Judging by the photo above, Dave Stieb seemed totally unfazed by the incident, as the bandit planted a kiss and was promptly escorted off the field. Stieb was not distracted whatsoever and ended up pitching eight innings of shutout ball and gave up only three hits.

After the game, here’s what Stieb had to say about his admirer:

“I heard the crowd getting excited. I didn’t know what was going on. When I looked, she was right on top of me. I was just trying to get her away from me.”

So who was she? The 19 year old was known as Juanita Smith, or her stage name “Chrissie”. Apparently she worked in Mississauga as an exotic dancer and she claimed to be big fan of Dave Stieb. A really big fan.

“Dave Stieb, he’s such a real turn-on to me. I just had to give him a kiss.

I’m going home to watch the game on TV … and you can tell him (Stieb) I’m blowing kisses to him.”

Ultimately, the Blue Jays did not press charges against Ms. Smith, but she did become somewhat of an overnight celebrity. Perhaps that was her plan all along, as her stint with Stieb scored her a new job at the gentleman’s club “Chez Paree” just a few days later.

Hat tip to Random Jays Stuff  for the image.
Quotes courtesy of LA Times and The Miami News.

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