The Best Gibby GIFS and Vines of 2015

John Gibbons is an interesting character. Entering his ninth season as the Blue Jays’ skipper, it seems like he’s undergone quite the transformation.

He’s now evolved into the lovable “Gibby” character; self-aware, self-deprecating and quite the everyman. Whereas before he may have felt the pressure of managing this team, now it seems like Gibbons is just out there here having fun.

Aside from the Blue Jays players themselves, John Gibbons was one of the most enjoyable Blue Jays personalities to watch in 2015; so here’s an assembly of all the best Gibby GIFS and Vines from this past season.


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Was that Russell?


The Gibby Gunfingers


That John Gibbons Chuckle


No explanation needed





Oh, hey!

“I’ve got this, guys.”


Gibby didn’t take lightly to his lineup suggestions


Anything I can get ya, Gibby?

There’s that Gibby charm again

John showing why he’s an everyman


If I sit really, really still … maybe no one will notice me


Gibbons playing the part of “tough Dad”



And then the part of “proud Dad”

“I said TWO beers … TWO BEERS”

Just wake me up when the playoffs start

True story; this is why John Gibbons got suspended

At this point, I think Gibby’s just toying with reporters

Ian Hunter

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