VIDEO: Munenori Kawasaki’s Dance-Off Against Torii Hunter

The baseball diamond is a battleground; it’s the backdrop which houses heated competition between two adversaries. And now apparently it’s also the battleground for dance-offs?

Last week, Brendan Kennedy tweeted that Munenori Kawasaki and Torii Hunter partook in an impromptu dance battle during batting practice during the Blue Jays/Twins series.

And now, thanks to the wonders of technology, we have video of that very exchange (via Sports_IPPAI).


While Kawasaki opted to display his own unique dance style, Hunter chose to go the traditional route by busting out the “Soulja Boy”.

The best thing about the video is the post dance-off interview with Torii Hunter. He was awestruck by some of the moves that Mune threw down and spoke highly of the Blue Jays’ fan favourite. Hunter also reiterated it was crucial for the Jays to keep Kawasaki.

“That’s the piece you gotta keep; he’s the mainstay on that roster. Nobody’s gotta move him.”

Kawasaki was dispatched back to the minor leagues three days later. Unfortunately, not even those sweet dance moves could save him.

Video via the SPORTS_IPPAI Youtube channel

Ian Hunter

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