VIDEO: Josh Donaldson Speaks with MLB Network from the CN Tower

It seems like every day, Josh Donaldson manages to do new and incredible things. While the Blue Jays enjoyed had an off-day yesterday, it didn’t stop him from giving this great interview with MLB Network … atop the CN Tower of all places.

In it he speaks about his reactions to the Blue Jays’ blockbuster moves at the trade deadline, his MVP chances and playing for a rejuvenated Blue Jays team right now.

Video of Josh Donaldson’s interview after the jump.


On the Blue Jays picking up Tulowitzki, Price and others at the trade deadline:

“It was insane. Nobody was thinking we were going to get Troy Tulowitzki on our team. Nobody saw that coming.

Getting David Price … when I first saw the rumours of that, I didn’t believe it. I remember walking into the clubhouse and getting everybody together and getting goosebumps.

You could see the potential that we had as a team and you could see the excitement on everybody’s face. Like … we have the team to do this.”

Donaldson was also very humble when asked about his MVP chances, and he responded with this quite endearing quote.

“I know how hard the game of baseball is. I’ve been the worst player in the league, so I don’t take it for granted.”

Not to mention, the video gave us this glorious shot of Donaldson heading up the CN Tower, which is worth watching the video alone.

Ian Hunter

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