This Week in Blue Jays GIFS, Videos & Vines

In what may or may not become a regular feature here at BJH, the following is a curation of some of the best GIFs, videos and Vines from around the Blue Jays blogosphere.

First off, this one’s about a week old, but it’s still great. Via /u/noodlehed from the Blue Jays Subreddit, it’s Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki’s nicknames for the Blue Jays lineup set to music; the “Bangers and Grinders” video.


More GIFS, videos and Vines after the jump.

Then via @James_In_TO, it’s some of Josh Donaldson’s home runs set to his walk-up music; Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”.

Your friend and mine @Minor_Leaguer from Bluebird Banter re-imagined Troy Tulowitzki’s leap over Matt Weiters as “Tulo Mario Bros”.

Another video submission courtesy of the Blue Jays Subreddit, /u/dannzo_29 brings us this very cool scoreboard video effect of one of Jose Bautista’s home runs from earlier this season.

R.A. Dickey had this to say about his teammate Josh Donaldson. In any other instance being referred to as a “dirtbag” wouldn’t be a compliment, but here … somehow it is.

Yesterday, David Price was grinning ear to ear after snagging a ball that was destined to escape the infield. Can you tell this guy is happy to play in Toronto right now?


From Pitcher List, we have an accurate depiction of what it must be like for a hitter trying to square up one of R.A. Dickey’s knuckleballs.

And inexplicably, Cliff (not Chad) Pennington was apparently ejected for arguing from the bench. He looks rather confused as to why he was tossed, perhaps leading us to believe it was another teammate that did the chirping.

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