GIFS: The Blue Jays Celebrate Their Playoff Berth in Wild Fashion

What is sweeter than drinking an ice cold beer after clinching a spot in the playoffs? For the Toronto Blue Jays … nothing. Nothing is sweeter for them as of right now, except for maybe clinching an AL East title.

So the Blue Jays sort of had an impromptu celebration following their win over the Tampa Bay Rays. The party caught a lot of people off guard because the club indicated they might wait to pop the bubbly.

Instead, they cracked a few cans open, popped some bottles and smoked some stogies in honour of this momentous occasion.


Luckily, Sportsnet caught the bulk of the celebration on camera. After the jump, check out GIFS from the Blue Jays’ lavish clubhouse celebration after the jump.

Can you believe how happy these guys look right now? You can tell some of the younger players are just so excited, but the ones who are truly relishing in it all are the veterans.

What is that saying? Dance like nobody is watching? The best part is these guys totally are. Don’t mind the cameras, boys!

Ben Revere douses Josh Donaldson in some bubbly … and the keep a close eye on a cameo by Dalton Pompey at the very end.

Mark Lowe was the mastermind behind cracking beers and quite literally throwing them in people’s faces.

Edwin and Jose – two of the longest tenured Toronto Blue Jays. Are there any two guys that this is sweeter for than them?

Poor Munenori Kawasaki; he just wants to enjoy a celebratory cigar. There’s just one problem; nobody told him you’re not supposed to inhale them.

And lastly, Marcus Stroman is quite proud of the beer waterfall he’s created atop Kevin Pillar’s cap.

Image via Steve Russell/GIF footage via Sportsnet


Ian Hunter

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