Paul Beeston Speaks on Jonathan Papelbon Rumours

All it took was one report by Ken Rosenthal late yesterday, and now the Jonathan Papelbon rumours have blown up and it’s a topic that’s dominated Toronto Blue Jays coverage in the past 24 hours.

While Alex Anthopoulos is usually very reluctant to comment on dealing with certain players, reporters wisely went to speak to the team’s president, who is usually more than willing to give reporters a few noteworthy quotes.

Paul Beeston spoke to TSN at the Jays Care Golf Tournament earlier today and essentially confirmed the team’s interest in Jonathan Papelbon.


“I think it would show everybody that we’re serious. It would inject a whole bunch of energy and you’re taking a player who’s been one of the premier closers in the game, so I think it makes a statement.

I’m not even going to get involved in what the price of it is. Let’s not just worry about Papelbon either. There’s a lot of talks going on in a lot of different areas. Obviously he’s one that everybody’s speculating on.

Whether it’s (Papelbon) or it’s somebody else, we’re going to work at it until we get it.”

So there’s Beeston kind of confirming that the Blue Jays and Phillies are in discussion for Jonathan Papelbon. Or at the very least, the Jays are active on the trade or free agent front when it comes to relief pitchers.

Paul Beeston also addressed whether or not the Blue Jays would be buyers prior to the trade deadline, and essentially said the club owes to to the players, fans and owners to improve the team. Can’t argue with him, there!

“We have a responsibility not only the fans and the owners, but a responsibility to the 25 players to improve the team. We’re going to try our best to do that sooner rather than later, but we’re going to work at it until we get it right.”

It’s quite interesting that both Paul Beeston and Alex Anthopoulos have been quite candid in recent weeks when it comes to adding potential pieces to the team.

This season, the front office has been quite transparent about the team’s intentions. Beeston’s impending departure and Anthopoulos’ job potentially being in jeopardy likely has a lot to do with it.

Hat tip to TSN for the video and @JimMcKenna9 for the heads up.

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