Thursday Throng of Links

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Typically I reserve these link dumps for a Sunday or a Monday, but for some reason with the holiday on Monday it feels like this week has gone by especially slow.

Of course, it didn’t help that the Blue Jays dropped 2 of 3 in the Bronx to the Yankees, but that’s neither here nor there.  Here are a bevy of links to whats happening around the Blue Jays blogosphere are beyond:

Ballots for Bautista answers questions in the inaugural mailbag, and discusses what Bautista’s biggest weakness is, superstitions, and human cloning among other things.


The Good Point talked to Eric Thames and discovered if he were a superhero, Thames superpower would be the ability to grown badass facial hair. I’m still sticking with the unofficial “Shaft” moniker for Thames.

After Tuesday’s collapse against the Yankees, understandably a lot of folks flew off the handle at Frank Francisco. But after taking a deep breath, 500 Level Fan brings us down to earth and tells us not to worry about Frankie … yet.

FanGraphs just released a new statistic this week called Ultimate Baserunning. You can check out how the Blue Jays roster stacks up on the basepaths, and once again Jose Bautista leads the club in another statistic.

Joe Posnanski takes a look at the craziness of Jo-Jo Reyes’ 28-game long winless streak, but more so its about the absurdity of the pitcher’s win statistic.

Tao of Stieb and Way of the Jay are chomping at the bit to see Brett Lawrie get the call to big leagues, and with the fabled June 1st Super-Two date on the horizon, that wish just may come true very soon.

With former Blue Jay Alex Rios returning to his old stomping grounds tonight, Mop Up Duty catches up with Rios and other Blue Jays to see how they are fairing in their new digs.

On the heels of 25,001 days after Fergie Jenkins come into the world, the Hardball Times assembles Canada’s all-time 25 man roster. Three former Blue Jays make the cut.

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