Curtis Granderson Joins Wrestling Event as ‘Title Holder’ This Sunday

Almost 10 years after making his very first appearance at Slammiversary, Curtis Granderson makes his long-awaited return to professional wrestling … as a “title holder”, at least.

Yes, the Blue Jays’ outfielder and 15-year veteran will be ringside for Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary XVI this Sunday night in Toronto. Impact announced he’ll be the official title holder for the main event between Austin Aries and Moose.

Impact’s Johnny Impact will also throw out the first pitch ahead of the Blue Jays-Orioles game on Sunday afternoon.


Granderson is a self-professed wrestling nut and was involved with Impact Wrestling’s very first “King of the Mountain” match back in 2009. Here’s the promo leading up to that Pay-Per-View in Detroit at The Palace at Auburn Hills.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, please welcome, Curtis Granderson! This was his official Slammiversary entrance as the title holder to the 2009 X Division match. He even managed to join the announce table with Mike Tenay and Don West for part of the match.

Huge props to your friend and mine – The Zubes – for putting this a play-by-play together for the entire match featuring Granderson in Twitter Moment form.

Check out a few of the highlight GIFS below.

Let’s not forget, Granderson isn’t the only wrestling aficionado on the Toronto Blue Jays roster. Marco Estrada was spotted ringside at WWE Raw last year, with a title belt slung over his should like he owned the damn place.


And Marcus Stroman got some TV time on WWE Raw back in 2015 as an advocate of the “Yes Movement”.

At this point, you’d have to think at least one of Granderson’s Blue Jays teammates will be in attendance for Slammiversary.

Tickets are sold out, but Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary airs Sunday night beginning at 8:00pm EST on Pay-Per-View.

Ian Hunter

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