Rosenthal: Estrada Put on Waivers, Received “Virtually No Interest” at Trade Deadline

In the month of August, it’s safe to assume that virtually every player is on waivers. Whenever a report emerges of a star player going on waivers (like Jose Bautista, for example), the appropriate reaction is to simply shrug. The term “placed on waivers” is often a red herring.

However, there’s something to be said about a player being put on waivers mid-way through August (as opposed to early in the month). That appears to the case with the Blue Jays and Marco Estrada, as reported by Mr. Ken Rosenthal.

This latest report (in video form, of course) breaks down the latest developments about Estrada:


There’s a few interesting nuggets in there. For one: Marco Estrada was placed on waivers on Friday, which means he could clear waivers as early as Sunday: the 48 hour waiver period.

However, considering his performance as of late and the desperate need for starting pitching for some contending teams, Estrada may not slip through waivers after all. This may facilitate the Blue Jays to make a trade for Estrada sooner rather than later.

Secondly, Rosenthal relays that there was “virtually no interest” in Estrada ahead of the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline, which isn’t all that surprising. Given the sudden turnaround in Estrada’s game, there probably is a team like the Mariners or Astros that take a long look at him.

On Thursday, BP Toronto reported Estrada had yet to be placed on revocable trade waivers by the Blue Jays. There have been rumblings the Jays and Estrada were considering a contract extension rather than a late-season trade.

A few days ago, I wrote for Daily Hive that Estrada essentially pitched his way into a trade out of Toronto. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because his value isn’t any higher than it is at this very moment0, which would behoove the Blue Jays to move now on any potential waiver claims.

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