VIDEO: Josh Donaldson Talks MMA, Golf, Michael Jordan and Hair on Intentional Talk

While most of southern Ontario is blanketed in snow, Josh Donaldson is warm and cozy in Florida, soaking up the rays and spending part of his offseason playing his second love: golf.

Josh Donaldson joined Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk yesterday, and for the second straight year, Donaldson made an appearance live from the golf course.

Last year, JD drained a put live on television – this year, he opted to pull a George W. Bush “watch me hit this drive” during his segment.


Among the many things discussed included Josh Donaldson’s UFC 206 festivities, his golf game, hitting the fairways with Michael Jordan, Donaldson’s plans for a new hairdo this season, and which jewellery he’ll be sporting in 2017.

MLB Network also flashed these very important Josh Donaldson facts during the interview.

Ian Hunter

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