The Reason R.A. Dickey Changed His Walkup Song to ‘Halle Berry’ is Pretty Great

For days, the mystery of “who changed R.A. Dickey‘s walkup song” has gone unsolved. On Monday, Dickey’s usual Game of Thrones music was  suddenly swapped for Hurricane Chris’ “Halle Berry”.

If you’ve ever peered into Dickey’s life, you’d think something was amiss. Perhaps one of his teammates pranked him and was pulling a fast one on the knuckleballer?

The real reason behind R.A. Dickey changing his walkup song is actually a pretty interesting story, one told by Mike Wilner on his Twitter feed earlier today.


Insead of a simple prank, it’s kind of like “Halle Berry” has been a rallying cry for the starting rotation brotherhood
… not unlike what “The Trenches” were back in 1992, comprised of Ed Sprague, Derek Bell and Turner Warn.

Even though it was one start at home, the change in music seemed to work for R.A. Dickey. And as notorious creatures of habit and superstitious beings, Dickey’s new walkup music will probably stick.


Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Ian Hunter

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