Blue Jays Ballpark Hack: Bring Your Own Food to the Game for Free

After the price of a ticket, food, parking and souvenirs, going to a Toronto Blue Jays game can get expensive. Most of those costs are fixed for Jays fans. But there’s one way to save a few bucks and eat to your heart’s content; by bringing your own food to the game.

It bears repeating every few years, but yes, you are allowed to bring in your own food to the Rogers Centre for Blue Jays games.

There are plenty of concessions around the stadium (including gluten-free and vegan options), but if you prefer to pack a backpack with your own snacks, it’s totally allowed.


There are a few stipulations, as per the Rogers Centre Information Guide:

Rogers Centre allows guests to bring food into the stadium as long as the items are wrapped, bagged or left inside a container to avoid spillage. Food containers must be soft-sided and small enough to fit under the guest’s seat.

Plastic bottles and/or cans holding 600ml or less and non-alcoholic beverages will be permitted in Rogers Centre. Fans will be asked to remove tops from a bottle(s) or open can(s) prior to entry into the stadium.


Water bottles and cans

Basically, it sounds like the Blue Jays’ biggest concern is ensuring bottles aren’t used as projectiles and that your backpack isn’t a tripping hazard under your seat. Plastic bottles and cans are allowed, but you may be asked to open the bottle and can for inspection upon entry.

The 600mL limit isn’t necessarily a hard-and-fast rule; I’ve gotten in with 1L bottles of water before. Just be aware that if it’s larger than 600mL, you may be asked to leave it behind. If you’d like to refill your bottle, water fountains are available near sections 107, 115, 125, 137, 207, 219, 229, 241, 507, 517, 529 and 541.

Backpacks, purses and diaper bags

A quick note about backpacks, purses and diaper bags; those are all permitted, but hard-sided coolers are not.

Soft-sided bags such as diaper bags, small knapsacks and small purses are permitted, whereas hard-sided cooler bags and containers are not. In accordance with Major League Baseball security regulations, any bag larger than 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches will not be permitted into Rogers Centre.


Bring your own food from a nearby restaurant

Other than that, you’re welcome to bring in whatever you like to the Blue Jays game. Walk in with a pizza from Pizza Nova on Front Street. Bring in some sushi from just across the ballpark from Mi Ne Sushi. Get a burrito from Fat Bastard at Spadina and Bremner. Or grab some roti takeout from Indian Roti House on Queens Quay, just a few blocks away.

You may get a few looks from the people around you in the stands, but rest assured, they’re starting because they wish they had whatever you just brought in.

Stock up at the closest grocery store or variety store

In case you’re looking for grocery/variety stores where you can stock up on pre-game snacks, here are the closest stores to the Rogers Centre.



If all else fails, go with the Rogers Centre Value Menu

Alternatively, if you’re still craving that good old-fashioned ballpark hot dog, the Blue Jays released a brand new value menu this year, with food items ranging in the $2-$5 dollar range. The portions aren’t exactly the biggest, but everything’s priced pretty reasonably.

Bon appetit, Blue Jays fans!

Ian Hunter

Ian has been writing about the Toronto Blue Jays since 2007. He enjoyed the tail-end of the Roy Halladay era and vividly remembers the Alex Rodriguez "mine" incident. He'll also retell the story of Game 5 of the 2015 ALDS to his kids for the next 20 years.