John Gibbons Reveals Which Actor Should Play Him in a Movie

“Which actor would play you in a movie?”

That’s a bit of a strange hypothetical question to ask an MLB manager, but with the Oscars coming up later tonight, movies seem to be on the mind of many.

Reporters caught up with Gibbons yesterday, and by the sounds of it, I think it may have been MLB’s Gregor Chisholm who asked Gibby “who would play you in a movie?”


Gibbons response is pretty priceless, as was his reaction to quip by another reporter, and then Gibby’s final response. Hearty hat tip to Sportsnet for the video.


In case you missed it, the answers were: Donald Trump, Danny DeVito and Robert Redford. And if they made a movie about John Gibbons, it would totally be a western, right?.

Image via Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Ian Hunter

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