Josh Donaldson is the Fifth Best Player in MLB Right Now

Just a few weeks ago, MLB Network declared Josh Donaldson as the Top Third Baseman Right Now. No surprise there, but I was very interested to see where Donaldson would place on their Top 100 players list.

MLB Network counted down the Top 100 Players in Baseball, and Josh Donaldson actually cracked the Top 5. It was some pretty tough competition, but Donaldson managed to make the list as the fifth best player in all of baseball right now.

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MLB Network revealed that the Top 100 algorithm was slightly different than “The Shredder”, which usually decides the rankings in the “Top 10 Right Now” countdowns.

The Top 100 algorithm took into account the player’s last three seasons, their 2016 projections, plus any additional accolades (I’m assuming things like All-Star appearances, Silver Slugger Awards, Gold Gloves, Cy Youngs, MVP’s, etc).

Josh Donaldson’s AL MVP must’ve heavily factored into these results, plus the fact that he posted MVP-calibre numbers the past three consecutive seasons … which is why he’s at number five.

Other members of the Blue Jays to crack the Top 100 include Jose Bautista (#26), Troy Tulowitzki (#38), Edwin Encarnacion (#47) and Russell Martin (#69).

Only now does one get a real sense for how good Josh Donaldson is right now. It’s incredibly impressive how Josh Donaldson is mentioned in the same breath as guys like Andrew McCutchen, Clayton Kershaw, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout.

These are MLB’s very best players, and the Toronto Blue Jays have one of them … for at least three more seasons.

Ian Hunter

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