When Will Marcus Stroman Be Back? Sooner Than You Think

“Sooner than you think”. 

That was Marcus Stroman’s response to a tweet sent by Kevin Connolly (of Entourage fame) just yesterday asking when fans can expect to see Stroman back on the mound.

So far, Marcus Stroman has made incredible progress in his rehabilitation, and facing live hitters next week is one of the final hurdles he’ll have to overcome before he makes his highly-anticipated return.


What initially seemed like a pipe dream is becoming a much closer reality within the coming weeks. And Marcus Stroman could suit up for the Blue Jays in a matter of just a few weeks.

For months now, inquiring minds have been wondering when Marcus Stroman will officially return to the Toronto Blue Jays, and the timetable for his apparent return is rapidly approaching. The source is none other the man himself:

As noted in Jeff Blair’s piece at Sportsnet, Stroman will throw 40 pitches on Monday, followed by another simulated game next Saturday. This would line him up to potentially make one start in Triple A Buffalo; likely on September 3rd when the Bisons kick off their final six games of the season in Scranton and Pawtucket.

However, with the Bisons’ season winding down on September 7th, there would only be enough time for Stroman to make one start in the minors before being called back up by the Blue jays.

If the Blue Jays are in fact planning on using Marcus Stroman in a starting capacity, the next day he’d be available beyond a rehab start in Buffalo on September 3rd would be September 8th in Boston against the Red Sox.

The way the Blue Jays rotation’ currently lines up, whomever occupies the fifth starter’s spot would get the ball that day against the Red Sox.

Again, if Stroman is to be used as a starter, September 8th would be the earliest possible date for his return. But if the Blue Jays opt to fast-track him and intend to use him out of the bullpen instead, Stroman’s return date could be that much sooner.

For the time being though, pencil in September 8th as a potential return to action for Marcus Stroman. And if it’s even sooner, all the better!

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Ian Hunter

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