Anthopoulos: Five-Year Policy is More of a “Guideline”

Well it seems like the five-year policy has been the topic of the week in Blue Jays Land. And just when you thought you’ve heard enough about it, the “policy” rears its ugly head once again.

Alex Anthopoulos spoke with reporters earlier this afternoon at the Vancouver Canadians 4th Annual Hot Stove Luncheon (where the Canadians unveiled a uniform update, by the way).

At the luncheon, Greg Balloch of Sportstalk AM650 in Vancouver managed to get these interesting quotes from the Blue Jays GM on the five-year policy:

Mixed messages, much?

So let me get this straight; the five-year policy is only a “guideline” and it’s really more about the money more than it is the years. That’s what many have suspected all along, but it’s good to finally hear it from the horse’s mouth.

But then Anthopoulos goes ahead and completely contradicts himself and says the Blue Jays stood firm on their five-year policy when it came to bidding on Masahiro Tanaka. Wait, the Blue Jays stood firm on a flexible policy … is that even physically possible?

The Blue Jays simply can’t have it both ways; the front office can’t use the five-year policy as an excuse, but then reiterate that the very same policy is flexible. If it really is about the bottom line cost of the contract rather than the years, then just say that.

So it sounds like there could in fact be some budget constraints in place going into 2014 for the Blue Jays. Judging by Alex Anthopoulos’ remarks, it sounds like AA’s hands are tied when it comes to signing the big name players in the free agent pool.

These comments could not have come at a worse time as the Blue Jays State of the Franchise is set for next Wednesday. Unless the Blue Jays go out and sign a shiny new free agent pitcher by next week, I have a feeling there will be a lot of angry ticket holders there.

And frankly, I can’t blame them.

Hat tip to @GregBallochST for the Alex Anthopoulos quotes. Image courtesy of Toronto Sun

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