Reflecting on the 2011 Blue Jays Season

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It seems like just yesterday we were tipping out caps to a departing Cito Gaston and beginning the search for a new manager. My, how the time flies in Blue Jays Land because another season has come and gone already.

As we watch our cohorts play October baseball, now is the time to reflect and look back upon the 2011 season. It’s difficult to summarize what happened this season in one blog post, but I think the best word to describe this year would be: change.

Change came in the way of a new manager, and change also came in the way of many long-time Blue Jays packing their backs and leaving the nest. Change came in the way of many new faces within the organization.


The 162 game schedule came with its fair share of highs and low, so here are the highlights via 22 posts at BJH from earlier this season. Enjoy!

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