Lind Comes to Life

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Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Lind has returned. Coming off a 5 RBI and 2 home run performance, all Adam Lind needed was a night in Texas to cure what ailed him.

Lind was held homerless in the 20 previous games which was admittedly a little worrisome, as his batting average started hovering around the .230 mark.

Out of the conjoined slumping twins from last year, I was hoping that Adam Lind would bounce back this year and return to his 2009 self. Aaron Hill I’m still not so sure of, but Lind took a big step last night to reclaiming some of that lustre.


It’s hard to kick a guy when he’s down in the disabled list, but I’m just not convinced that Aaron Hill is a dangerous hitter anymore. Sure, he can still hit for power as was demonstrated last year, but he’s just not a patient hitter.

With his contract extension last year, Adam Lind is going to be around until at least 2013, possibly up to 2018 with his club options. The Blue Jays could cut ties with Aaron Hill as soon as 2012.

Whatever Adam Lind worked on in the offseason, it looks like it’s working. Power to all fields of the ballpark was a hallmark that Lind was famous for in 2009, and hopefully he’ll be known for that once again.

How about the fact that Lind not only hit two home runs, but that they were to opposite fields of the ballpark? One could argue Arlington Ballpark has especially been a wind tunnel this week, and the Blue Jays power hitters have certainly taken advantage of the extra distance.

Ballots for Bautista is Back!

Speaking of former All-Stars, the balloting has officially opened up for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game, which means the “Ballots for Bautista” campaign has returned once again.

This time we’re not only trying to get Jose Bautista into the All-Star Game in Phoeniz, but as the starting right fielder. His pedigree around the league has garnered plenty of attention, and should hopefully translate to an increase in votes from last year.

Visit and follow @BallotsBautista on Twitter for the latest campaign updates.

Ian Hunter

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