Josh Donaldson Plays Road Hockey, Now He’s Practically Canadian

Once the gifts are unwrapped on Christmas Day, usually one of two things happen in Canada: families head for the toboggan hill (as the parents bring a Baileys in tow) or everybody rounds up for some road hockey.

Josh Donaldson did exactly that as he took part in a little bit of Christmas Day road hockey yesterday. By joining in this time-honoured tradition, Donaldson is inching closer and closer to official Canadian status.

I’m not sure exactly where this was from, but if I had to take a guess, considering how much snow Southern Ontario received in the last few days, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the GTA for the holidays.


Had a Merry Christmas ✅ Street Hockey✅ Happy holidays to everyone.

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Congratulations to Josh on passing the first part of the Canadian Citizenship test. The next two sections involve reciting The Littlest Hobo theme song and a blindfolded Smarties/M&M’s taste test. If he can pass those final sections, Donaldson can officially call Canada home.

Update: This via Brianna Miller’s Instagram. Along with the road hockey, another holiday family tradition: playing board games while wearing those Christmas cracker paper crowns.

Briana Miller

Maybe Donaldson really is a hockey fan after all; here he was earlier this season catching a Tampa Bay Lightning game.

Shohei Otani signed with the Angels as a two-way player, but maybe the Bringer of Rain has a future as a two sport player. He’s already halfway there; just change “Bringer of Rain” to “Bringer of Ice”.

Ian Hunter

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