Audio: Talking Josh Donaldson-Cardinals Trade Rumours with 101 ESPN St. Louis

One thing has become very apparent over the last few weeks – these Josh Donaldson-St. Louis Cardinals trade rumours aren’t dying down any time soon.

Now that Evan Longoria is off the board and the Baltimore Orioles reportedly aren’t shopping Manny Machado anymore, the Jays-Cards reports will only ramp up from here. So, since there isn’t anything else going on in Blue Jays Land, why not stoke the fires a little bit?

Earlier today, I spoke with Kevin Wheeler from the Kevin Wheeler Show on 101 Sports ESPN St. Louis. We chatted about the Donaldson-Cardinals trade rumours and whether a deal makes sense for both teams. Take a listen to the segment below:


Interview with 101 Sports ESPN on Josh Donaldson

Ian Hunter

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