The 5 Longest Blue Jays Home Runs of 2017

The Blue Jays employ several players when given the right pitch, can hit the ball to the moon. Give these guys a meatball in their wheelhouse and they can tattoo the ball into the second or third deck with ease.

It’s incredibly difficult to hit a baseball further than 400 feet, but these Blue Jays hitters make it look so incredibly easy. Josh Donaldson was the latest Blue Jay player to hit a 400-plus foot bomb into the stands and the Blue Jays have a had some doozies this year.

Here are the 5 longest home runs of the year hit by Toronto Blue Jays players. Coincidentally, only two names occupy the Top 5 list: Josh Donaldson and Kendrys Morales.


5.) Josh Donaldson: 452 feet

It should come as no surprise that Josh Donaldson lands on this list. For this one, you don’t even need to look at Donaldson’s swing or the trajectory of the ball; just watch Chad Kuhl of the Pittsburgh Pirates hang his head in disappointment after the pitch.

He knew it was long gone … and it was, to the tune of 452 feet.

4.) Kendrys Morales: 455 feet

This is a true testament to the power of Morales; not only did he hit it to the deepest part of the ballpark, he hit it into the second deck. It’s not quite Carlos Delgado-esque, but Morales was pretty close.

3.) Kendrys Morales: 460 feet

The most impressive thing about this 460 foot home run by Morales? He did it from the right side of the plate; the opposite side of the plate where most of his power comes from. And yet Morales sent this one sailing and nearly deposited the ball into the 500 Level at the Rogers Centre.

2.) Kendrys Morales: 465 feet

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Morales from his first year in Toronto, it’s this; when he gets a hold of a ball, he can send it sailing. This was his longest homer of 2017 at 465 feet and the second furthest long ball hit by a Blue Jay this year.


1.) Josh Donaldson: 481 feet

What is it with the Blue Jays and hitting tape measure shots at Target Field? Several years ago, Jose Bautista cranked a grand slam into the upper deck in Minnesota. Just yesterday, Donaldson did the very same with this 481 foot monster home run.

Also of note; this shot by Donaldson is tied for the eighth longest home run hit by any batter in 2017. It was one of the few home runs hit on the road; most of the Blue Jays’ furthest home runs were hit within the confines of the Rogers Centre.

Ian Hunter

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