Chris Coghlan Broke the Internet and the Internet Responded

The internet is a beautiful place. When something happens that breaks all borders – not just within the sports realm – the internet usually responds with creative interpretations of a viral video.

The Chris Coghlan swan dive into home plate is no exception.

Hat tip to all the creators who put forth these memorable takes on the unforgettable Coghlan play. Much like the original video, many of these meme videos are worth multiple re-viewings.




For my money, I think this is the slightly better version of two Shooting Star versions. The integration with the Jose Bautista bat flip was a nice touch.


SHOOTING STARS (via /u/incredibad29)

But not to take away from this one, which has countless meme-driven appearances. Keep an eye out for Sonic the Hedgehog.

I BELIEVE I CAN FLY (via @AndyCole84)

Whenever you need a little inspiration, look no further than Chris Coghlan sailing over Yadier Molina set to some R. Kelly.


TITANIC VERSION (Via /u/burialisfourtet)

Yes, the Titanic theme really does work for everything.



SAIL (Via moeburn)

This video takes the alternative approach as Coghlan “sails” over Molina.

Ian Hunter

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