Lazy Sunday Links

Well, I’m finally back from cottage country but I’m sad to report that I didn’t hunt down any raccoons or bears but there certainly were plenty of cougars. I was at a wedding on Friday night and half way through the dance in my drunken stupor, I realized that the Blue Jays did in fact play a ballgame and won!

Since I’m still in vacation mode and it’s a Lazy Sunday, here are some links from around the Blue Jays blogosphere:

It appears that more and more people are warming up to the idea of J.J. Hardy at shortstop for the Blue Jays. Even Mike Wilner is jumping on board with the prospect of trading for Hardy while the Brewers are probably in buy low mode.


The blog that is almost as inconsistent as Brandon League’s arm (love that title BTW) helps anyone with an Alex Rios jersey transform it into a Randy Ruiz jersey. It’s great project idea for a Baseball DIY on a Sunday afternoon.

Like many Jays fans, Infield Fly ponders whether or not the team should go after signing Jason Bay in the off-season.

For those curious about how Adam Loewen is fairing in the minor leagues, Mop Up Duty takes a look at Loewen’s numbers and what to expect in the future.

In one of the most hilarious anecdotes I’ve heard in a while, Ghostrunner on First recalls his tales of drunken debauchery which includes attempting to open a hotel room with a Blue Jays gift card. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Ian Hunter

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