Off-Day Fun: The Marcus Stroman Vibes Generator

Marcus Stroman seems like a positive dude. At least, he comes across that way in his tweets; always looking forward, always appreciative and always upbeat.

There are some common themes in Stroman’s tweets and if you drill down even further, there are even common words or phrases he tends to use. After a bit of research in Twitter’s advanced search, it turns out he heavily leans on the word “vibes”.

None other than John AKA @Tor_pache picked up on this and decided to do something fun by creating The Marcus Stroman Vibes Generator.


Similar to Ruhee’s David Price Nickname Generator, it provides positive reinforcement in a way Marcus himself would likely say it.

I highly recommend taking it for a test drive in case you need a few Stroman-inspired messages to lighten your day. I asked John how he came up with the idea for it:

I just really enjoyed the vibes tweets that Stroman made. I enjoyed how anything could be a “vibe”. So I figured you could mad-lib a vibe and get some funny results.

I had some extra time and it was right before Stroman was going to start the Wild Card game, so I figured it would be a nice homage for the occasion.

Here are just a few examples below from the Marcus Stroman Vibes Generator.

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Ian Hunter

Ian has been writing about the Toronto Blue Jays since 2007. He enjoyed the tail-end of the Roy Halladay era and vividly remembers the Alex Rodriguez "mine" incident. He'll also retell the story of Game 5 of the 2015 ALDS to his kids for the next 20 years.