Finally! Josh Donaldson Makes His Long-Awaited Acting Debut on Vikings

Nearly one year after he announced he would appear on History’s “Vikings”, Josh Donaldson is finally set to make his long-awaited acting debut.

If you’ve been watching the second half of this season of Vikings, you may have caught brief glimpses of the Bringer of Rain. But now we finally get the full effect of his character “Hoskuld” as Donaldson appears in next week’s episode titled “Revenge”.

Below is a brief preview of next Wednesday’s episode, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is Josh Donaldson’s entire scene on the show. It even includes a speaking role!


Update: The clip which I originally posted earlier today was removed, but History uploaded this similar video with some behind the scenes stuff, plus Donaldson’s speaking part on the show.

Donaldson definitely looks the part as a Viking, but at first, it was a little weird to hear him speak in full viking garb. For a moment there, I was hoping he might slip in a “this isn’t the try league, it’s the get it done league” quote.

Jonathan Hession
Jonathan Hession

Josh Donaldson traveled to Ireland in late January of 2016 to film his portions of the episode, and almost a year later, his episode will finally air in the very near future. Donaldson’s character is simply described as a “viking of great skill”.

This particular episode of Vikings airs in its entirely next Wednesday at 9:00pm EST on History. Keep your eyes peeled for more potential scenes featuring Josh Donaldson, but this could very well be it.

Hat tip to Hillary (@TNHills13) for the heads up on the video.

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    This video is private

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      I just noticed that as well. It looks like they’ve uploaded a new clip with some behind the scenes stuff. It’s been updated above.

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    Good stuff!

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    He should… Stick to baseball.

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