GIFS: Kevin Pillar Lays Out for Another Superman Catch

Kevin Pillar. What else can you really say about the season he’s had for the Toronto Blue Jays this year?

Not only has he come into his own at the plate, he’s played Gold Glove calibre defense at a premium position in centre field.

I mean, the guy has been a human highlight reel all on his own this season, and he bestowed us with yet another spectacular catch on Friday night. It only confirmed suspicions that Kevin Pillar is indeed Superman in a Blue Jays unfiorm.


After the jump a different angle that shows not only the ground that Kevin Pillar covered, but his reach as well. He was somehow almost completely parallel with the ground about two feet into the air. Plus , check out a great reaction from Buehrle.

And Mark Buehrle was so appreciative of the effort that he couldn’t stop smiling.

And if you look very carefully, you’ll see the secret to Kevin Pillar’s flying superpowers.

The fine folks at Sportsnet were kind enough to flash this hastily made Photoshop on the broadcast.

GIF Footage via Sportsnet

Ian Hunter

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