GIFS: Many of Marcus Stroman’s Excited Reactions

Marcus Stroman; what can you say about him right now that hasn’t already been said? His rise fall and triumphant return reads like a fairy tale novel. And the best part? We aren’t even at the end yet.

Marcus has admitted he’s a very emotional guy and at any given moment, it isn’t too difficult to tell what his emotional state is. Luckily, it was nothing but pure elation and excitement during his start against the Yankees.

GIFS below of some of his best reactions from the game; including this one of showing his appreciation for the defense behind him.


Marcus Stroman freezes for a brief moment before nodding in approval.

Okay, so this is pretty funny; the TV cameras caught David Price multiple times wearing a batting glove. Why exactly? To cushion the blow of Marcus Stroman’s really, really hard high fives.

Again, another show of appreciation by Marcus Stroman after Kevin Pillar snagged an inning-ending line drive.

Teammate reaction GIFS are probably my favourite. Probably because we get to see baseball players react just like fans do. And as Blue Jays fans were running around like crazy in their own living rooms, so too was Marcus Stroman.

Images via Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star. GIF footage via MLB/Sportsnet

Ian Hunter

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