Blue Jays To Unveil New Canada Day Jersey, Special Marcus Stroman Bobblehead

Now that Blue Jays Spring Training camp has officially opened up, baseball is at the forefront of people’s minds once again. Thoughts of those warm summer days at the ballpark are helping to alleviate record-breaking cold temperatures in many parts.

It seems like everybody is talking baseball this week, and yesterday CJBK spoke with VP of Blue Jays marketing Anthony Partipilo and revealed some rather interesting information about a new Blue Jays uniform and a special Marcus Stroman giveaway or this season.

Apparently the Blue Jays have plans to unveil a new Canada Day jersey, as well as a special Marcus Stroman bobblehead. The Stroman bobblehead news is not entirely news, but what is news is just how unique that bobblehead will be. More on that below.


A New Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey

Unfortunately, I don’t have full quotes as I’m just paraphrasing from the interview I heard live on CJBK, but Partipilo noted this special new uniform will be worn for the Blue Jays Canada Day game on July 1st this year

One can only speculate as to what it will look like, but considering July 1st coincides with a “Blue Jays Forces” t-shirt giveaway, my guess is that it will be military motif … something like this prototype colour scheme I came up with.

Uniform template via

Considering that the Blue Jays wore CADPAT camouflage caps on Memorial Day last season in honour of the Canadian Forces, I don’t think it would be out of the realm of possibility to see it replicated on a larger scale with the jersey for Canada Day.

While the colour combinations are a little off, I think most would definitely appreciate the sentiment if the Blue Jays chose to go this route. I mean, there’s not much they could really do differently with the red and white Canada Day uniforms they already have.

Here’s Brett Lawrie sporting the CADPAT uniforms from Memorial Day last year, simply an inverted version of the above prototype design.

Marcus Stroman’s Special Bobblehead

When it comes to the Marcus Stroman bobblehead giveaway slated for Sunday June 7th, Anthony Partililo said the Blue Jays were doing “something special” for his bobblehead and that they’re “doing something they’ve never done before”.

Again, one can only imagine what this means. I think it would be really neat to not only have a Marcus Stroman bobblehead who’s blowing a bubble (just like this Pablo Sandoval one), but one where you can actually pump up the bubble bigger and smaller.

This is all just spitballing on my part, but it will be interesting to see this new design of the Blue Jays Canada Day jersey, as well as these special plans for Marcus Stroman’s bobblehead. As of yet, we don’t have a set date as to when they will be unveiled.


Update: Marcus Stroman sent out this tweet with a preview of his bobblehead. And in fact, it will be of him blowing a bubble. Success!

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