GIFS: Mark Buehrle Celebrates His 200 Inning Milestone

Although baseball may be a traditional sport, very few things are actually constant from year to year. For 14 consecutive years, Mark Buehrle has been a constant; 14 straight seasons of 200 plus innings.

And not to mention, in an era where Tommy John surgeries are as common as hangnails, Buehrle has done what very few pitchers have done, and that’s avoid the disabled list his entire career.

A milestone like 200 innings deserves to be celebrated, so after the jump, check out the GIFS of Mark Buehrle basking in his latest benchmark.


Mark Buehrle reached the 200 inning mark in dramatic fashion by striking out Dustin Ackley. But instead of hanging onto the ball, Dioner Navarro mistakenly threw the ball into the stands. Luckily, the fan brought it back and exchanged it for a bat instead.

And because the batterymate narrative can’t be overplayed, here’s Navarro and Buehrle celebrating hitting the 200 inning mark.

Then in his postgame interview, Casey Janssen showered Mark Buehrle with a bucket of gum wrappers.

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Ian Hunter

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