GIFS: Jose Bautista Toys with Yankees Fans in Right Field

By all indications, Yankee Stadium can be a tough place to play for visiting players. The “Bleacher Creatures” which reside in right field are notorious for being relentless on players from out of town.

However, Jose Bautista decided to abide by the old adage “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and toyed with some Yankee fans in right field.

Since a Derek Jeter ball seems to be a hot commodity in New York, almost every fan wants to get their hands on any potential memorabilia from “The Captain”. After Jeter hit a ball to right field, Bautista faked out some fans with a souvenir ball.


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Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Bautista has faked out fans with a souvenir ball. After the fact, Joey Bats seemed pretty pleased with himself. Apparently, this must be his devious look.

Perhaps feeling guilty for his actions (or he was just throwing a ball to a Blue Jays fan), the following inning, Jose Bautista threw a ball for real to the section. However, the Yankees fan was quick to throw it back to the dismay of the nearby Blue Jays fan.

It’s quite odd, because that makes two consecutive days where Yankees fans have thrown baseballs hit by Derek Jeter back onto the field. This little girl unknowingly tossed this one back on Friday night.

Image courtesy of Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Ian Hunter

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