Are the Blue Jays Naming the New Centre Field Porch at the Rogers Centre?

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Just a bit of spitballing here on a Friday afternoon, but allow me to draw your direction to a very curious tweet sent out earlier this week by Blue Jays public announcer Tim Langton. In it he hints at a new feature at the Rogers Centre.

After a cryptic tweet like that, naturally folks will start wondering what exactly it is. A few people have already taken a crack with a couple of guesses, and Tim has responded with a few further hints.

A “small upgrade” leads me to believe it might be something like cupholders for all the seats, but and upgrade could mean an inordinate amount of things.


There are a couple of folks who thought it might be related to the estranged inhabitants of the Rogers Centre, the Toronto Argos. However, Langton reiterates that it is related to the Blue Jays.

Astute photographer and season ticket holder @James_in_TO made an excellent guess that it might have to pertain with the future inductee into the Blue Jays Level of Excellence, Carlos Delgado.

Minor Leaguer from Bluebird Banter and I have wondered for months if the Blue Jays were planning on officially naming the new centre field porch, formerly Windows Restaurant.

Minor Leaguer has been pining for “Tom’s Terrace” in honour of the late Tom Cheek, while I guessed it might be “Delgado’s Landing” in honour of King Carlos. And I think this tweet basically tells us everything we need to know:

And fans might not even have to wait until the Blue Jays return home on Monday to see what the new addition to the ballpark is, as the Argos host their season opener tonight at the Rogers Centre.

Fans will have to keep a close eye out see if they can spot the new addition inside the Rogers Centre. So if it is in fact an official name for the centre field porch, which do you prefer; Tom’s Terrace or Delgado’s Landing?

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Or perhaps the Blue Jays will be looking to tie in a sponsor like Budweiser and call it the “King Club”. Regardless of which name it is, it would be nice to have an official title for the brand new centre field porch.

Let’s not forget, Tim was the one who revealed the first photo of the new windowsless Windows Restaurant at the Rogers Centre back in March.

Or who knows … maybe it isn’t even a name for the centre field porch at all, and it could be something as simple as cupholders on every seat in the Rogers Centre? I know that would be make plenty of fans, namely @Captain_Latte very pleased.


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    I'd love to see it named "Tom's Terrace"..he's fully deserving!!

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