Brett Lawrie Saves the Day

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If you saw this heavily-tattooed, 6 foot tall 215 pound man running towards you at breakneck speed, point in your direction, and then leap two feet in the air, you’d probably fear for your life. I can only imagine that’s how Brett Lawrie’s teammates must feel.

In one swing, Brett Lawrie made us forget the five-run second by the Rangers. He also made us forget that Francisco Cordero was one strike away from putting away the Rangers in the top of the ninth.

The lasting image from that game will be Brett Lawrie gliding through the air as he careened into home plate. And did anybody else notice Lawrie’s homage to Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series home run as he rounded second base?


As John Farrell said in his post-game presser, Brett Lawrie definitely “has a flair for the dramatic”. Not only that, he has a tendency to really turn on the afterburners in the late innings … which is about right after his second or third Red Bull of the game.

@Minor_Leaguer pointed out that Brett Lawrie is batting .433 this season between the 7th and 9th inning, and lifetime he has an average of .360 from innings 7-9. As evidence by his heroics last night, Lawrie is one bat you definitely want in the lineup late in the game.

Lawrie’s breakneck pace is likely going to receive a bit of backlash as it gets him into a bit of trouble here and there. The throw in the dirt to Adam Lind on Friday night against the Mariners cost the Blue Jays the game, but his bat saved the game last night against the Rangers.

Brett Lawrie plays the game at one setting; full tilt (h/t Tao of Stieb). Whether his team is down by a run, the game is going into extras, or the game is a complete wash, Lawrie is giving leaving it all out on the field.

At the risk of fueling the Brett Lawrie narrative, as a fan … there’s nothing I appreciate more than his style of play, regardless of what the score is.

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