Tuesday Link Roundup

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here’s something to get you started off on the right foot: Toronto songstress Kathy Anderson is back with her latest video – the follow up to her wildly successful “Blue Jays Rap” from a few years ago.

The fellas at 1 Blue Jay Way have been keeping a close on the prospects down in New Hampshire, here they have interviews with Gustavo Pierre as well as Sal Fasano and some bullpen footage of Joel Correno.


Speaking of the Fisher Cats, Bus Leagues Baseball sat down with Anthony Gose of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. Sounds like he’s trying to model himself after Carl Crawford and Juan Pierre. Hopefully he meant the Crawford circa 2010 or earlier.

There’s a very cool video up on Bluebird Banter of Jose Bautista’s home runs set to POD’s “Here Comes the Boom”. Very apropos, so be sure to watch it before MLB takes it down.

Jays Journal begs the question: is Carlos Delgado excellent enough to be put up for the Level of Excellence at the Rogers Centre? The answer seems to be a resounding yes.

The Ack at Tao of Stieb has mentioned this in the past, but Baseball Canadiana expands on the thought that Jose Bautista’s at bats have become must see TV.

And lastly, play by play baseball must be one of the most difficult jobs in broadcasting, but it often leads to some pretty funny moments – especially when it comes to Buck Martinez.

Buck Blunders has been keeping track of all of Buck Martinez’ mistakes during the Blue Jays broadcasts, there’s some pretty interesting ones up there.

Ian Hunter

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