Lazy Sunday Links

Nothing cures a Sunday hangover like a big dose of Lazy Sunday Links!

C70 At The Bat continued their “Playing Pepper” feature by reaching out to a few of us Jays blogs. 1 Blue Jays Way, Infield Fly, and yours truly participated and answered some questions on the Blue Jays offseason and some predictions for this year.

Ever wondered what it was like to live a day in the life of Roy Halladay? The Sun’s Bob Elliot got up early (like military early) to follow around Doc for a day. I actually prefer Ghostrunner on First’s epic “A Day In The Existence Of Roy Halladay” post, but Elliot’s article is slightly more realistic. Only slightly.


Speaking of the Phillies, they’re down to the Sweet 16 over at The Phield. It’s a brilliant concept – all the best Phillies blogs duke it out in a March Madness style bracket to see who becomes the champion of the Phillies blogosphere.

If you typically root for the underdog or like betting on the upset, put your money on “I Want To Go To The Zoo With Roy Halladay“. Zoo With Roy should win just by the blog title alone.

Hat tip to Dan at John McDonald’s Cabinet for tipping me off about the new book “Strike IX” featuring none other than … John McDonald! It’s all about how Providence College had to shut down their baseball program, which Johnny Mac was a part of. It in no part had to do with a lack of defense.

Mop Up Duty spearheaded this years Blue Jays Roundtable featuring most of the Blue Jays blogosphere. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the roundtable discussion for a complete rundown of predictions for this season.

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