Marcus Stroman Shows Up on WWE Raw

Just when you thought Marcus Stroman couldn’t get any more likable … he does.

Along with his teammate Aaron Sanchez, they’re both training in Dunedin Florida and decided to take in a little WWE Monday Night Raw. But of course they didn’t get just any seats, they got seats right behind the announce table.

And being that close to the action lends itself to interacting with many WWE Superstars, and Marcus Stroman did exactly that by rubbing elbows with one of the biggest names in professional wrestling today, Daniel Bryan.


In fact, Stroman wasn’t shy to join the Yes! Movement right away, as evidenced by this GIF after the jump.

What’s even more impressive is that not only was Marcus Stroman sporting a Toronto Raptors hat, he was also wearing a Height Doesn’t Measure Heart (HDMH) shirt, which is of course the phrase he so famously trademarked this offseason.

This is one man who not only knows how to win over the city of Toronto, but also knows how to get his name out there to millions (and millions!) of viewers at the same time. Well done, Mr. Stroman.

Update: They even got a picture with Roman Reigns, as he watched Daniel Bryan’s match unfold in the ring.

GIF footage/screencap courtesy of WWE/Sportsnet 360

Ian Hunter

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