Retro Jays GIFS: Casey Janssen’s Cartwheel Pitch

He spent the last ten years in the Toronto Blue Jays organization, but like a high school kid graduating and heading off to college, Casey Janssen has officially ended his time as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays.

During his eight big league seasons with the club, Janssen developed a cult-like following and eventually blossomed into a fan favourite. But even though he signed with the Washington Nationals, we’ll always have the memories of him as a Blue Jay.

Especially this one.


Remember Casey Janssen’s famous cartwheel pitch? Hat tip to Erika Gilbert (@E_Gilbert) for reminding me about this game and James G (@James_in_TO) for remembering which game this was.

Here are a couple of angles of this gravity defying pitch from Casey Janssen. After watching these GIFs, I think I have my new favourite memory of Casey Janssen.

GIFS and a Vine of the pitch after the jump.

Image via Dave Sanford/Getty Images. Footage courtesy of

Ian Hunter

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