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  • To put it lightly, the Blue Jays number two pitcher has been playing like … well, number two.

    The Kansas City Royals scored 6 runs off of David Purcey last night, which elevates his ERA to 7.01. [Read more]

  • With today’s narrow 4-3 over the Chicago White Sox, the Toronto Blue Jays made franchise history by winning their first 6 series to start the season. [Read more]

  • I hate to say this, but I kind of feel bad for the Chicago White Sox because they had almost no chance of winning last night’s 14-0 drubbing at the hands of the Blue Jays. [Read more]

  • On a day where it seemed like everything went wrong for the Blue Jays off the field, everything went right for them on the field.

    The Jays could not have asked for a better start than Scott Richmond gave them tonight. [Read more]

  • Why does it seem like bad news always comes in twos? First it was Ricky Romero, now B.J. Ryan has been sent to the disabled list all within the span of less than 24 hours. [Read more]

  • Thank you Kevin Millar for rescuing us from what could have been another brutal loss in extra innings. Unfortunately, B.J. Ryan’s collapse in the 9th will overshadow David Purcey’s fairly decent start. [Read more]

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