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  • When the Blue Jays really needed Scott Richmond to step up, he did what any good Canadian would do and he honoured that request. After a bit of a shaky start in the first, Richmond settled down and pitched 6 strong innings to earn his first win since that 3-0 rain delay back on September 23rd of last year. [Read more]

  • Good news – Ricky Romero went 8 strong innings versus the twins.
    Bad news – Aaron Hill bobbled a DP ball in the 4th, and it cost Romero. [Read more]

  • With Fantasy Hockey in the books for another season, it’s time to finally focus 100% on Fantasy Baseball leagues. The first week of play is always tough to gauge because you don’t want an itchy trigger-finger to influence you to drop a player after one bad outing, but you also don’t want to risk a roster spot for players that have an amazing start right out of the gate. [Read more]

  • Either one of two things will happen with Scott Richmond’s start today – it will go really really well, or Richmond will get lit up. [Read more]

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