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    From time to time, I guess we all have our bad days at the office. For Roy Halladay those days are very few and far between, but one of those days just so happened to take place tonight against the Texas Rangers.
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  • Can you believe that the Texas Rangers at one point were owned by the man above? It still boggles my mind sometimes that Dubya was allowed to use scissors, let alone run a baseball franchise or even AN ENTIRE COUNTRY. [Read more]

  • Today the bluebirds enjoy a rare day off, which means time to discuss your first place Toronto Blue Jays! Be sure to join in for tonight’s live chat starting at 9pm EST. [Read more]

  • Can you believe that the Blue Jays have played for 2 weeks straight? With a rare day off tomorrow, I figured it’s probably a good time to fire up the Live Chat once again. [Read more]

  • When you call on your bullpen as early as the 4th inning, things are bound to go awry. David Purcey had his second straight rough start, as the Jays dropped a 4-run lead in the eventual 8-5 loss to the Athletics. [Read more]

  • Take a look at the box score from any of the previous 3 wins by the Blue Jays, and you might think that there was a huge typo or something seriously wrong with the scorekeepers. [Read more]

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