What Would These Blue Jays Players Look Like with Jose Bautista’s Beard?

Facial hair is always a popular topic during Spring Training – who has it, who doesn’t have it, who has something new and who let theirs grow to Colby Rasmus-like levels.

Without fail, every year, Jose Bautista comes to Blue Jays Spring Training camp with his signature beard. Dalton Pompey opted to grow out his beard as well and it sounds like he’s getting the occasional case of mistaken identity for Joey Bats.

If Dalton Pompey with a bushy beard looks a lot like Jose Bautista, it led me to wonder … what would other Blue Jays players look like with Bautista’s signature beard? With some subpar Photoshop skills in my arsenal, I set out to find an answer.


Here’s Jose Bautista in all his glory …

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

And here’s Jose Bautista’s teammates in all their glory.

If Troy Tulowitzki ever wanted to re-invent himself, this look would probably be apropos.


Whoa – Marcus Stroman definitely has a Kimbo Slice thing going on here.


Rumour is one of the opt-outs in Mat Latos’ contract stipulates he must keep this beard if he wants to make the team.



Aaron Sanchez may only be 24 years old, but he looks close to 40.


This is where J.A. Happ really earns the “Happster” moniker.


How many guys do you know who can rock the braces/beard combination? Roberto Osuna would be one of the first if he opts to go with this look in the future.



I’d say the Joey Bats beard actually looks best on Francisco Liriano.


Steve Pearce’s death glare looks even more frightening with the addition of a full beard.


Normally, Darwin Barney may not look all that intimidating, but there’s something about the beard and this bat which makes him approximately 33% more scary.


Something tells me John Gibbons would be the type to grow a David Letterman-style beard whenever Gibby decides to give up being a manager.

Ian Hunter

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