Josh Donaldson is MLB Network’s Top Third Baseman Right Now

Despite some stiff competition from the National League MVP, Josh Donaldson is still the best third baseman in MLB right now.

That according to MLB Network’s “Top 10 Third Baseman Right Now”. For the second consecutive season, Donaldson topped the list as the very best player at the hot corner.

Quite surprisingly, Josh Donaldson fended off Kris Bryant for the title, but Donaldson’s track record and perennial MVP candidacy edged him out ahead of Bryant on the list of top third baseman in MLB.


The full list with video recap below from MLB Network.

Top 10 Third Baseman Right Now

1.) Josh Donaldson
2.) Kris Bryant
3.) Manny Machado
4.) Nolan Arenado
5.) Justin Turner
6.) Adrian Beltre
7.) Kyle Seager
8.) Jung Ho Kang
9.) Anthony Rendon
10.) Evan Longoria

These rankings are generated by “The Shredder” which takes offensive and defensive metrics into account, projections, as well as the previous two seasons as a body of work – which is probably the reason why Josh Donaldson came in ahead of Kris Bryant.

But at any rate, not only is Donaldson one of the best players in all of baseball, he’s still arguably the best player at the hot corner.

Video recap of the countdown from MLB Network featured below.

Ian Hunter

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