Troy Tulowitzki Will Continue to Use His Old ‘Buttermilk Pancake’ Glove

Old habits die hard with athletes; that includes their tools of the trade.

Seasoned veterans like Troy Tulowitzki have a tendency to hold onto equipment religiously; often well beyond their expiration date.

That has some fans wondering … what has become of Tulowitzki’s notorious “buttermilk pancake” glove which received airtime during last year’s MLB postseason broadcast?


Even though it could fall apart at moment, Tulo told Jeff Blair and Stephen Brunt that his well-worn game glove might just have a little more mileage left in it after all.

“This whole spring, I’ve been using my BP glove from last year.  My game glove, I don’t take out to BP just because it doesn’t have that many bullets left in it … so I try to save it.

I think the old glove will get into game action even though this one was pretty good, but I think I have to prepare for life beyond that glove.”

It sounds like Tulowitzki is in the process of working in a new glove, but he isn’t quite ready to put the old one to bed just yet. Until that old buttermilk pancake disintegrates in-game or falls apart, Troy Tulowitzki just might use that buttermilk pancake until it falls apart before his very eyes.

Of course, Tulowitzki’s glove became a topic of conversation once the Fox Sports broadcast devoted an unusual amount of time to it during the ALCS broadcast.

Which prompted this hastily-made artist’s rendition of Tom Verducci’s description of Tulo’s glove.

Screengrab via MLB

Ian Hunter

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One thought on “Troy Tulowitzki Will Continue to Use His Old ‘Buttermilk Pancake’ Glove

  • March 19, 2016 at 5:55 am

    I had an old glove that I finally had to retire. The leather was so worn out that the ball would just slip right out.

    I tried everything to restore it but I finally gave in. The new glove is so awesome that I can’t believe I held on to that crappy old thing

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