Roy Halladay Responds to Roger Clemens’ PED Accustions: “I Let the Truth Speak for Itself”

Well … that sure escalated quickly. In less than 24 hours, a few smouldering coals have transformed into a full-on house fire.

Yesterday, Roy Halladay took to Twitter and responded to the Hall of Fame results. In a surprisingly heel-ish move, Doc condemned  guys like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds from Cooperstown.

Not to be outdone, Roger Clemens fired back with a bombshell accusation that Roy Halladay used amphetamines during his playing days.

Now, in the latest development of the he-said he-said spat, Halladay has fired back at Clemens over these allegations. spoke to Roy Halladay and got his response to the bombshell accusation dropped by Roger Clemens that Doc took amphetamines.


“I let my reputation and the truth speak for itself. It’s the greatest feeling to say you did it the right way.”

Okay, somewhat of a low blow that’s obviously directed towards Roger Clemens. But Halladay then goes on to say how disappointed and shocked he was to learn of the PED controversy surrounding Clemens.

“I grew up a huge Clemens fan. Getting to play with him, he became a role model. When I heard that he had cheated, it was like finding out Santa Claus wasn’t real all over again to me.”

SANTA CLAUS ISN’T REAL? That deserves further explanation all on its own, but I digress … Halladay sounded genuine in his sentiments towards viewing Clemens as a role model.

My question is, why would Doc go on social media and single out Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds? I always thought there was this “code” between players; nobody rats anybody else out (unless your name is Jose Canseco).

Although, not to harp on the man, but it seems like he’s really running with this whole “baseball Dad of Twitter” thing. By the way … has anyone else figured out why he took screenshots of random people on Twitter?

[LINK: TMZ: Roy Halladay — I NEVER Cheated … Roger Clemens Can’t Say That]

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Ian Hunter

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