The Jays Can Clinch the AL East in Baltimore; One Player Can’t Wait to “Tear the Clubhouse Apart”

My, how things have changed. One year ago, it was the Baltimore Orioles who clinched the American League East at Camden Yards as the lowly Toronto Blue Jays watched with envy.

Tonight, it could be the Blue Jays’ turn to repay the favour.

A Blue Jays win and a Yankees loss tonight means the Jays may be celebrating on the field as AL East Champions. And with Marcus Stroman on the mound this evening, you certainly have to like their chances.


Over the past few years, the Blue Jays are Orioles have developed a tumultuous history; there is the feud between Jose Bautista and Darren O’Day, Marcus Stroman throwing behind Caleb Joseph last year, and Buck Showalter’s seeming disdain for everything the Blue Jays do.

Which means the Blue Jays could exact a bit of revenge against the Orioles on their home turf.

There was in interesting tidbit in Jeff Blair’s latest piece over on Sportsnet, which reveals one unnamed member of the Blue Jays is particularly looking forward to clinching at Camden Yards.

One Blue Jays player was heard saying he wanted to clinch at Camden Yards so the team could “tear that clubhouse apart,” a reference to the animosity that has existed between the Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles in recent seasons.

I don’t think we have to do a thorough analysis of who that player might be

With the threat of the Yankees still looming in the background, obviously the Blue Jays would like to wrap up the division as soon as possible.

After everything that’s taken place over the past few seasons, there would be some form of retribution if the Blue Jays could clinch the AL East in the Baltimore Orioles’ backyard.

Depending on whether the Blue Jays can secure a win and also get a little help from the Boston Red Sox, the Jays may very well be popping some bubbly either on the field or in the visitor’s clubhouse at Camden Yards.

And judging by the Blue Jays’ “timid” playoff-clinching celebration in Toronto this past weekend, we could be in for one really wild night in Baltimore.

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