GIFS: Edwin Encarnacion’s Epic Walk-Off Home Run

What else is there to say about the Toronto Blue Jays right now? The past week, they’ve thrived in situations where a big hit as been required; and Edwin Encarnacion certainly delivered one of those against the Miami Marlins.

It’s find of funny because the Blue Jays were battling with the likes of an Angel Hernandez strike zone all night, but ultimately Edwin Encarnacion took matters into his own hands and forewent the strike zone altogether.

GIFS after the jump of Edwin Encarnacion’s epic walk-off home run.


Edwin made it a point to reiterate to his teammates that he was still nursing a sore shoulder after he just received a cortisone shot. They really didn’t seem to take it any easier on him anyway.

Lastly, here’s EE’s full reaction out of the batter’s box. Notice that he strolls down the first base line with the bat in hand, then at the very last second he cocks his wrist, flips his bat and then seamlessly transitions into his signature “walk the parrot” move. Classic.

Bonus GIF of Barry Davis getting big-leagued by Edwin, courtesy of @purpledocket.

Image via Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP, footage via Sportsnet

Ian Hunter

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  • June 10, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    No gif of Edwin blowing off Barry Davis and going straight in the locker room? That was probably the best part haha

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