Edwin Encarnacion Had a Sports Hernia Surgery

Breaking news via Edwin Encarnacion’s Instagram account; his surgery went great. Wait … what surgery?

There were no reports of Encarnacion going under the knife, but he went in for some sort of surgery or procedure earlier today and apparently all is well.

One can only assume it must have something to do with his left finger; he dealt with a strained ligament in his middle finger on and off throughout a good portion of the 2015 season.


Update: Via a team release from the Blue Jays, it turns out the surgery was for a sports hernia and had nothing to do with his finger after all. 

Via Edwin Encarnacion on Instagram

If you’ll remember, Edwin tweaked his finger again during Game 1 of the ALCS, which led to him getting a cortisone shot prior to Game 2. However, there were no reports whatsoever about Encarnacion having a hernia.

Image via Harry How/Getty Images Sport

Ian Hunter

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