Blue Jays Fans Are Sticking to Their Playoff Superstitions

Baseball fans can be a superstitious bunch. The game itself is littered with time-honoured traditions and rituals. And since we’re in the midst of playoff baseball, those superstitions are out in full force.

Toronto Blue Jays fans are no exception. And considering the Blue Jays are 4-0 in elimination games this postseason, some of those rituals have been strictly adhered to.

Including myself; since the Blue Jays went down 0-2 to the Rangers in the ALDS, I’ve worn my 1993 blue alternate Blue Jays jersey ever since. In games which that uniform has been worn, the Jays are 5-0. I’ve also grown out a playoff beard as well.


So what unique or bizarre traditions are Blue Jays fans abiding by during this playoff run? Learn more after the jump.

Attire-Related Rituals

The most common of all rituals employed by sports fans often involves team-related attire. This could be a lucky jersey, cap or other piece of team paraphernalia.

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I’ve worn the same Jays shirt during each of the elimination games, and that’s not about to change for games 6 and 7. Haven’t washed it, either.

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Every game day. I wear my #ComeTogether tshirt underneath my Jays hoodie with a Stroman jersey on top of the hoodie. This is key, you cannot wash anything from that outfit until the postseason is over.

Location-Related Rituals

Other than what people wear, I’d say where people watch the game and who they watch the game with is most important to the superstitious Blue Jays fan. If you’re like the folks below, you’re certainly not alone.

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“Every time I go out to watch the game and where Jays gear they have lost. Last game I sat alone in my basement wearing no blue… That will be my plan from here on out…

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When I watch the game sitting on the armrest of my parents’ couch, they’re 5-0. When I sit anywhere else, they’re 0-5.

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At Rogers Centre during these playoffs, the Jays are 3-0 when I don’t attend and 0-3 when I do. So assuming they make the World Series, I will be watching at home with my Bautista jersey on.

Food and Drink-Related Rituals

Truth be told, I’m often too nervous to eat or drink anything during a Blue Jays playoff game. But many fans do enjoy partaking in their favourite snacks or cold beverages during the game.


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Have to wear a Blue Jays themed shirt/jersey (no road grays) during the game. Have to eat at least one hot dog before or during the game

Random Rituals

And then there are other rituals which fall into the “random” category. This first one below involving the Blue Jay might be my favourite one of all. Keep feeding that bird!

Via jparkin75

Not really a superstition, but in the ALCS the Jays are 0-3 when I watch the game, and 2-0 when I had to miss it. Needless to say, I am being forced by everyone I know to not watch games 6&7 and for the good of the team, I’m going to comply.

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I have a BJ car flag on my car. Every time since the end of August whenever they lost 2 games in a row, I took it off. When they won 2 games in a row, I put it back. And repeat. I also where the same outfit and sit in the same spot on the couch for every game.

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When the Jays are pitching in a close game I sit on the couch but don’t watch the feed. Instead I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt.

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I listen to the Dave Matthews Band song “Bartender” right before first pitch

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Don’t be in the same room watching the game as my better half @lonny350lonny

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  • October 23, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    My wife made turkey corn chowder with the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Jays are 4-0 on days I have that for lunch, and lost every game when I didn't. Good news is I had it for lunch today. Bad news is that was my last container. If there is a game 7, she has promised to make a new batch.

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