The Best Responses from Josh Donaldson’s Impromptu “Ask Me Anything”

How do most people kill time waiting for their flight at the airport? A number of medial things to pass the time. But Josh Donaldson is not most people; he’s Josh Donaldson.

The Bringer of Rain chose to pass the time by answering the internet’s most burning questions about him, the Blue Jays and a bunch of other random things. After the jump, some of Donaldson’s best responses from his impromptu Twitter AMA.

Like many athletes, Josh Donaldson has a soft spot in his heart for Toronto. But the love affair actually began long before he was ever traded to the Blue Jays.


Not to rehash some old wounds, but remember how the Blue Jays’ 2015 season ended? It was an at bat between Josh Donaldson and Wade Davis.

As you’ll recall, Josh Donaldson actually broke into the big leagues as a catcher, and he even hit his first career home run against the Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre. I guess once a backstop, always a backstop.

2015 was a season full of highlights for Josh Donaldson, but the final home game of the regular season was his personal favourite.

David Price used to be the “shoe guy” on the Blue Jays, but it turns out Josh Donaldson will be getting his very own pair of signature kicks this year.


Donaldson clearly believes the Blue Jays have some unfinished business this year.

Josh Donaldson is a bit of a jokester, and it turns out #2 is his victim of choice.

It wouldn’t be an AMA if Donaldson didn’t lay down a sick burn on one of his teammates.


I’m afraid it might only be one word, but we’ll have to go to Webster’s dictionary for the official call.

With this information, the “1 beer, 2 beers” thing suddenly all makes perfect sense.

Josh Donaldson has fully embraced his role as Toronto’s “charming dirtbag boyfriend”.

Why ask your friends to come up with your nickname when you can do it all on your own?

Nobody faults Donaldson for having a few too many postgame celebratory pints.

Since uniforms seem to be the hot topic around the city this week, Josh Donaldson provided this hot take on his favourite Blue Jays uniform. Could you imagine him in one of those powder blue pullovers?

To go back to that “charming dirtbag boyfriend thing”, this is the perfect example.

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