Catch a Glimpse of Jose Bautista at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

This is how starved some people (such as myself) are starved for baseball to come back. I spent two hours watching the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Jose Bautista.

If you missed the game hoping to see Joey Bats, you probably missed him, because he barely appeared on camera as the Assistant Coach for Team Canada.

Helmed by head coach Drake, Team Canada was victorious in a 74-64 win over Team USA. We can’t be certain how instrumental Jose Bautista was in the team’s win, but then again … it really didn’t matter as the game was just for fun anyway.


As far as I can tell, the only camera time Joey Bats received was in these two GIFS below. Jose Bautista makes his rousing entrance to the game.


And here, Bautista is deferring to this young man to call a few plays.


GIF footage via Sportsnet/ESPN

Ian Hunter

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