Golf Digest Ranks Josh Donaldson as Their 25th Best Pro Athlete Golfer

During the regular season, Josh Donaldson is busy hitting 469 foot home runs. During the offseason, he’s hitting 300-plus yard drives.

It turns out not only is the American League MVP an avid golfer, he’s one of the best pro athletes to hit the fairways on a regular basis. Golf Digest released their rankings of their Top 100 Pro Athlete Golfers, sporting a 4 handicap.

If you think about it, it’s really no surprise that Josh Donaldson is a decent golfer. There are a lot of similarities between a baseball swing and a golf swing, having to do with timing and finesse; two aspects which Donaldson has down to a pat.


Josh explains the parallels in this interview with the Golf Channel from a few years ago. And by the way … he also took a few hacks in the golf simulator and even cranked a 300 yard drive on the first try.

Hat tip to @DrewGROF for the link

Ian Hunter

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